The Greatest Guide To calibration service

MIRAI CALIBRATION LABORATORY PTE LTD established to provide the calibration specifications of numerous companies and organisations.Mirai Laboratory is accredited underneath the SACSINGLAS to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 specifications for the sphere of Calibration & measurement .
The Laboratory is equipped with elite instrument calibration devices for each Key and Working / Transfer criteria.The Calibration Accuracy on the Master Tools that we use is traceable into the National/Global Standard.

MIRAI Calibration with Specialist technological leadership benefit additional expert services assist your organization improve procedures, reduce hurdles to generation, and considerably enhance performance and throughput.Mirai Calibration gives Qualified Calibration And Measurement service in all key equipment sorts (electronic, mechanical, strain, temperature, drive and NDT Screening and more).The end result? Significant discounts in time and money and the peace of mind that the gear now fulfills arduous industry calibration specifications. Mirai Calibration solution enables your crew to deal with actions that incorporate benefit to your core small business.We firmly believe in instilling core values of organization into our prospects.Reduced price tag will gain you Work but organised traceability technique and supports guide time will read more win you hearts.

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